Virtual Be a Vet 11-16 Years Old
Virtual Be a Vet 11-16 Years Old

Virtual Be a Vet 11-16 Years Old

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Who: Children Ages 11-16 years old
When: 2:00 pm – 3:00 pm CDT
Price: $65/participant 

Price Includes: Hour long programming facilitated by a Sea Turtle, Inc. educator, Be A Vet program kit.

Bring the world of sea turtle rehabilitation into your own living room with Virtual Be A Vet! With this fun and educational kit, your child can experience the wonders of animal care as they move through the intake process of a sea turtle patient in our Hospital.  With the guidance of one of our Environmental Educators, participants will learn to care for sea turtle patients and get them ready for release.  It's the perfect way to have a blast while learning. Let their imagination run wild & inspire the next generation of ocean stewards!

What to expect before virtual session: 

You will receive a Sea Turtle Inc. Be A Vet patient kit in the mail that includes:

- Sample patient X-Ray

- Sample patient intake form

- A sample sea turtle patient with a unique injury

- Medical supplies such as medical tape, syringes (kid friendly), scissors (kid friendly), and gauze

- Measurement tools such as a scale and measuring tape

- Certificate of Release

- Sea Turtle, Inc. Drawstring Bag and Logo Pencil

- Virtual session instructions with an Educator

Then you're all set for the virtual session and a Sea Turtle Inc. educator will meet you for the scheduled day.

Academic goals:

Reading, Math, Critical Thinking skills, Communication skills, Tech skills